Evaluation of teacher performance is one component of providing continuous improvement in MSAD #11. Educators are committed to continued growth and development. Regular reflection of instructional practices is essential to continue improvement of student learning and teacher professional growth. Feedback from other professionals enhances understanding of teaching and learning environments.

Peer collaboration, self-assessment, goal setting, conferencing and collaborative supervision techniques are opportunities for teachers to enhance performance. Knowledge of current research and models of best practice are critical in planning strategies to meet the learning needs of all students. A broad repertoire of strategies is needed to assess student learning and plan appropriately for improvement.

The district also recognizes that teaching styles and personal approaches vary, contributing to healthy diversity. The measure of effective teaching, therefore, must be grounded in student learning.

Goals of Teacher Evaluation

  • To ensure continuous improvement in student learning.
  • To support and enhance teacher knowledge and performance.
  • To promote teacher efficacy and a culture of professionalism.
  • To promote and increase communication about teaching and learning.
  • To serve as an indicator of performance and accountability.
  • To provide appropriate data for management decisions.